My Frost, Your Solace

by Idaaliur

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Namtaräum I get lost in the music of Idaaliur. This album features a few vocal styles not present on previous works, all of which work beautifully. Favorite track: Resonance.
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released January 13, 2014

Many thanks to Juleah for her wonderful participation to my album!



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Idaaliur Lyon, France

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Track Name: Sacred Soul
The cold sacrament has come
freezing the raising life
all around us, as we will all become
priests to a future warmth
For the savage life once given
I desire no more in these times
For a land of sorrow and frost
that keeps my wrath untold

Forever a setting sun
behind the frozen clouds dawn here
will give me back a hope
forever the warmth of life
that I missed years ago
will shine in your eyes
For my mind has been stolen
to an ever coming future plan
knowing my fate and its death
Long ago, on my sacred crown
laid the blood of ancient dreams
that would never come to a truth

Never apart, a faith will shine
filled with frozen lights and frozen life
I saw your solace, which will be mine
the stars of hopeful warmth in your eyes.
Track Name: My Frost, Your Solace
I’ve seen you fall down from the skies
Little drops of love in liquid disguise
And I can hear your lovely friends
Rolling thundering crashing in
I’ve seen you kiss the pavement a thousand times
Waiting patiently taunting wandering eyes
And I can feel you seeping in
Reflecting a world trapped in sin
I’ve seen the new life that you bring
Sprout the dead to life in spring
Exploding color from your shadowed hands
Giving new soul to these haunted lands
I’ve seen you sit on the most wise
Conceal the hurt of bitter lies
And I can feel you growing dim
Though your acceptance never thin
I’ve seen your beauty never compromised
Though you always come in liquid disguise
And I can hear your beat within
The pitter patter against my skin

Remembering the past
of a long bitter life
as I always remember

down these shadows of memory
never a sun ray comes down
Oblivion being so dark,
my mind wanting the light

The good, the sins of a life
The frost, the solace of a world
Shadows against the bright
Memories against the dark
Was the shadow I believed in,
such a bright light to others eyes?
Was my despair in tortured years
such a relief for the rest of them?
The good, the sins of a life
The frost, the solace of a world
Shadows against the bright
Memories against the dark
Track Name: ...and The Mountains Echoed
Surrounded by the giants,
the massive stones of earth
that rose to reflect my voice
my eternal scream of misery
To the confines of the earth
to the tops of the sky
my life as an endless sound
wolves could hear,
that led their path
A shadow, a scream,
nothing to the majesty of their being
The mountains echoed my heart
the lonely song of a sudden birth
the melancholy of my tears
and a shadow as my only friend
Track Name: Season of Melancholy
The time of a sour rain
on my frozen skin
The falling leaves of a heart
which beats the death

The tern colors of fall
on a living ground
and my thoughts dying within

Shall my heart be forever gone
to a season of mourning sounds
shall the colors of my mind
ever appear one day, far from here
where peace has been created
to the horizon in my head
turned to the heavenly souls
Track Name: Resonance
As it all played a rhythm
as if life had its pace
as if my hopes were endless
as if light was an eternal warmth
Fate as a resonance,
as a circle of life drown in blood,
of human misery
of a human vain vision
As this resonance had come
to lead my life and soul
to get me to this path,
to rule my thoughts,
to lead my way for me

To the regular rhythm
to the singular pace of my world
I will break these walls
To reach my soul’s heaven
the echoes of a wild life
Walking through the wandering sound
embracing the echoes of life
To give hand to my fate
and walk side by side again
as it will ever be mine

As if our fate was reflection,
as if life drowned in blood,
as if our hopes were in misery
as if darkness would succeed